Most Illustrious Prince Hall Grand Council
Royal and Select Masters

The roots of Cryptic Freemasonry in the State of Illinois stem from with the formation of Prince Hall Council #8, Royal and Select Masters from the Ohio Jurisdiction in 1923. The first Thrice Illustrious Master in Prince Hall Council from the State of Illinois was Illustrious Companion Josephus Cason. In the 1980s, Illustrious Cason convened with several Illustrious Companions to introduce the idea of the formation of a Grand Council for the State of Illinois. After two additional Councils had been formed in Peoria and Centreville, the three Councils surrendered their charters to the Grand Council of Ohio on September 22, 1984 and organized the Most Illustrious Prince Hall Grand Council, Royal and Select Masters for the State of Illinois (MIPHGC). The charter Grand Officers were:

  • Grand Thrice Illustrious Master: James F. Clarke, Sr.
  • Grand Deputy Master: William S. Brooks, II
  • Grand Prin. Conductor of Works: Eugene Williams
  • Grand Treasurer: Thomas Wilson, Jr.
  • Grand Recorder: John W. Thompson, Jr.

New charters were, then, issued to the Illinois Councils:

  • Prince Hall Council #1: Willie M. Gistover, T.I.M.
  • Peoria Council #2: Ronald W. Boone, T.I.M.
  • Ellis T. Moore Council #3: Cecil K. Crowe, T.I.M.