Prince Hall Grand Commandery Knights Templar


I would like to extend greetings from the Prince Hall Grand Commandery Knights Templar State of Illinois and its Jurisdiction. Welcome to our website.

I first would like to give thanks to our Heavenly father, who gives life and who’s the head of my life. Then I also give thanks to the membership of this great jurisdiction for electing and bestowing the honor as your Right Eminent Grand Commander. I look forward to working with everyone and to keep my pledge for stability in leadership for the growth of Templarism in Illinois. I was elected to lead and serve and that’s exactly what you will receive from me.

Sir Knights, very little will be accomplished without your support and assistance all through the year. May everyone get on board for what will be an exciting and productive year. May our heavenly father bless and keep us in his ever-loving care.

This website is intended to provide you with information about our Grand Commandery and upcoming events in our jurisdiction, links to the Grand Commandery monthly communication, committee appointments and to the schedule of classes being though by our Grand Instructor. For those who are visiting our site I hope you find the information timely, pertinent and useful.

Yours, by the Sign of the Cross
In Hoc Signo Vincennes

Right Eminent Sir. Charles Holiday, Jr., (KYCH)
Right Eminent Grand Commander

Right Eminent Sir
Charles Holiday Jr.
Right Eminent Grand Commander