Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter
Holy Royal Arch Masons

I extend warm greetings to you from the Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Holy Royal Arch Masons, State of Illinois and its Jurisdiction.

First, I give thanks to the Grand Architect, the Alpha and Omega and I Am that I Am God who gives breath to all living things as the creator of all things. It’s because of I Am that I Am God that we all exist and as the head of my life I humbly raise my hands and head to thee. I also give thanks to this great Illinois Grand Chapter and its membership for electing me Grand High Priest. It is truly an honor to lead and serve as I will strive with steadfast dedication to move this Grand Chapter forward positively impacting the communities throughout the State of Illinois through benevolence and service thus making us proud to be called, “Companions”.

Our Mission is to better ourselves through Holy Royal Arch Ritualistic and Law education to garner a clearer understanding of the Masonic Journey through the York Rite. Additionally, we must continue to support our existing benevolent projects and establish new ones that place us squarely in the faces of the community we currently serve. We can accomplish all of this collectively as a team by working together to make our projects successful in this Masonic Year.

The intention of our website is to keep you well informed of pertinent information of our Grand Chapter inclusive of the Grand Lecturer’s Syllabus, links to periodic Holy Royal Arch magazine articles, the current monthly Grand Chapter Communication and upcoming events of the Grand and Subordinate Chapters.

For those companions or brothers visiting our website from other Jurisdictions, enjoy the visit. Through God’s blessings I hope to meet you personally during the course of your life and/or Masonic journey.

Yours 3x3 and under a living Arch
Most Excellent Companion Ron L. Wilson
Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Most Excellent Companion
Ron L. Wilson
Grand High Priest